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Wedding Confetti

When planning a wedding, decorations are an important part of the overall process. The right colour scheme and thoughtfully chosen decorations make for a beautiful ceremony and a stunning reception dinner afterward. The cheapest way to make a quick addition to the current decor is to use confetti. Wedding confetti is inexpensive and offers a variety of choices to fit any wedding theme. Not only that, but confetti also has a number of uses at a wedding.

For the wedding itself, people often throw rice or blow bubbles at the couple as they walk down the aisle. Instead of these traditional methods, guests can instead throw confetti. It's colorful and is much prettier than rice. It will also outlast bubbles. While the happy bride cannot put bubbles in her wedding photo album, she can easily save some confetti to press between the pages and add to the borders of her pictures.

Guests can choose their own confetti with messages or symbols that reflect their feelings, such as "Congratulations" or simple hearts to pay tribute to the love felt between the bride and groom. Confetti can also be given in small bags as guests walk through the door.

The bride may wish to use confetti to decorate the building or outside area where her wedding will take place. She should choose colors that match the decorations, or stick with neutral colors such as white, gold, and silver to match any color scheme. Sprinkle confetti on the aisles and tables for an instant decoration that's a snap to clean up after the wedding is over.

These are not the only ways to use confetti at a wedding. While it makes a beautiful decoration during the ceremony, it really shines at the wedding reception that follows. The obvious place for confetti is the buffet and guest tables. Purchase special confetti with messages of hope and love. Confetti shaped like tiny hearts and miniature brides and grooms will fit the festive occasion.

Add candles and napkins to the table then sprinkle the confetti carefully around them across the tablecloth. It will shimmer and shine in the romantic light of the candles or the lighting overhead. When it's time to clean up, brush the loose confetti into a bag or basket. The bride and groom might even want to take it with them to use on their honeymoon suite. Even the smallest touch can turn the ordinary room into a romantic wedding retreat.


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