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Contents Insurance

When you rent a flat or a private home, it is the owner or landlord who is responsible for providing coverage on the structure itself; to cover themselves for catastrophe's such as fire, lightening, windstorm, hail, and flood, to name just a few. It is up to the tenant, however, to provide themselves with coverage for their own personal property. Anything that you bring with you into your rental is considered your personal property and if it means anything to you or if it is anything of value, you should make certain you provide yourself with a policy that will cover you for those items in the event of a loss. Loss can be from a named peril such as fire or flood or even theft but it is your responsibility to contact an insurance company that writes contents coverage to discuss exactly how much coverage you will need and whether or not you have items which should be covered under special endorsements such as jewelry of higher value, artwork, or guns. A contents policy also has a provision to protect you with liability coverage in the event a guest comes to visit and gets hurt while there or has some of their own personal property damaged during the visit. If they get hurt they may just need medical attention and be satisfied with that or they may decide that it is not enough just to have their medical bills paid and decide to sue you for damages. The same goes for their personal items. For example, if your two year old decides to drop your guests new camera in the punch bowl, your contents policy has provisions to take care of that type of accident and provide your guest with either repair or replacement. It pays to be covered for any kind of liability exposure. Just because you think your Aunt Martha won't sue you if she slips on water in your kitchen and hurts her back doesn't mean she won't and we can't always guarantee that we won't trip on our way to the table with the gravy boat and accidentally spill it's contents on Cousin Martin's new Armani suit. This type of policy also comes with a provision that provides you with money to live elsewhere in the event that your rental becomes damaged in some way and you must move out while repairs are made. For the price, this type of policy is a must have for tenants and no tenant should go without one.

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