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Credit Cards

 Many UK residents use credit cards to pay for purchases, travel expenses, food, and entertainment. Credit cards are advantageous for consumers who enjoy the convenience of not having to carry a great deal of cash, and who are conscientious about paying the card balance on a regular basis. UK credit cards can vary in terms of annual percentage rate (APR), additional fees, and requirements for applicants. A number of credit card companies offer their services to UK residents, and most applicants will find that they qualify for at least one type of card.

UK credit cards such as the British Airways American Express Card offer consumers free airline miles in exchange for money spent on purchases. Those who are approved for this card have the opportunity to accumulate British Airways miles that apply towards the cost of flight tickets.

The American Express Platinum Cashback Credit Card allows approved applicants to receive a certain percentage of cash back on charges made to the card. UK residents who qualify for this credit card will earn cash back during the initial  membership period and a lower cash back thereafter.

Some UK credit cards are available to consumers with a prior history of bad credit. The Provident Visa Card functions as a debit card, offering its users the chance to make purchases without exceeding spending limits. Repayments are collected on a weekly basis by a company agent. No additional interest or fees are currently incurred through use of the Provident Visa Card.

The Sun Prepaid MasterCard is another UK debit card that is accessible to those with a poor credit history. Money can continuously be added to this prepaid card through bank transfer or standing order. The Sun Prepaid MasterCard does not carry fees or interest.

Other UK credit cards, such as the Vanquis Visa Card, are designed for the specific purpose of helping consumers repair their bad credit ratings. Those who apply for this card can be notified of their approval almost immediately. The Vanquis Visa Card has a historically high interest rate and a late payment fee.

Please remember that all this information was correct at the time of writing but things change so please check the latest situation before deciding!

UK credit cards differ in regard to rewards and incentives, though all offer convenience to consumers.

Credit Cards - probably the largest choice of Credit Cards in the UK!

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