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Curtain Poles

Curtain Poles - probably the largest choice of Curtain Poles in the UK!

If you are choosing curtain poles the first thing to consider is the type of pole that you are looking for. they come in two basic types: eyelet and tab tops, as well as the old favourite the pencil pleated pattern. They also come in all sorts of different materials such as wood or metal which means that you can select curtail poles which are decorative items in their own right, to match the style of decor in your room.

Another important part of a curtain pole is the finial; the end-pieces which can be of either a functional or a decorative design. It is important to remember that when space is at a premium the finials can take up quite a lot of it!

To choose the best pole for your home the two important factors to consider are (a) the space available and (b) the type of curtains that they will be carrying. If you are putting curtains into a window alcove they can go within the alcove itself, just above the window; or be mounted over the alcove. In either case it is essential to work out how you are going to fix the pole, since you would have difficulty mounting it over the alcove if there was a metal lintel over the window and, subsequently, nothing to screw your fixing screws into. A similar problem can crop up if you decide to mount it over the window; if you have some timber to screw into, or brickwork (you will need to drill into the wall and use plastic wall plugs in this case) then all well and good but if not you will have difficulty getting a screw to remain firm in a metal or uPVC window.

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