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There are a number of cushions available to the UK market right now, intended for uses in all parts of the home. To find a cushion which suits your needs, consider different options for sourcing and usage of your cushions.

Purchasing cushions online allows you to look at a wide selection and access a number of different designs no matter where you are located and without concern for the availability of shops and choices in your immediate area.

Throw pillows can help dress up furniture and living spaces. They are less expensive than larger cushions or upholstering work, and can enable you to change the look of a room with just a few extra touches. Tapestry cushions reveal beautiful patterns and images, while chenille cushions offer soft and welcoming sensation to make sofas and chairs more welcoming.

Bolsters are a timeless classic option for cushions which rest on sofa ends or beds, and they are generally longer and have a round shape. Covers can be purchased to change the look of your bolster cushions without purchasing brand new cushion materials.

For those who want to dress their home up even more using cushions, there are luxury cushions available in beautiful fabrics with cutting-edge designs. Placed carefully on a neutral-coloured sofa, designer cushions make a room light up and provide excellent variation in colour and style.

On the high street, there are plenty of places where you can purchase cushions. Stores like John Lewis offer many options for home furnishings, and smaller shops can provide customers with handmade cushions. Souvenir cushions are also available when traveling on vacation and give you a great memento of your trip.

For children, cushions can be a fun way of expressing interests and personality. A number of characters and television-inspired designs can be found on websites like Amazon or in your favourite high street shops. It's worthwhile for families to consider purchasing cushion covers, which range from only a few pounds in price, when redoing a child's bedroom as this can be significantly less expensive than buying full cushions. Cushion covers serve the same purpose as regular cushions, although you can generally buy them from a number of designers for much lower prices.

Cushions can be modified, grouped, and arranged differently depending on the effect one wants to achieve and the available space and furniture which needs to be covered, so get creative with your cushions!

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Cushions - probably the largest choice in the UK!

Buying your cushions online gives you access to a huge range of styles, designs, colours and materials but every bit as important as these is just how comfortable they are. As in many other ways we get what we pay for and although foam filled cushions can be very cheap they can never be anywhere near as comfortable as those filled with down, feathers or other high quality materials and manufactured by a top quality company such as Christie. Many people buy cushions to cover chairs or suites but they are designed for many purposes these days, including the relief of pain, and it is possible to buy specially moulded ones that are designed for wheelchairs or for those suffering from back or neck problems. Weatherproof cushions for patios, deck and garden chairs are available online or at good stores such as John Lewis, and the humble bean bag can give you a comfy surface to sit or lie on over just about any surface - and the kids love them!

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