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 Tips for Creating an Effective CV

Your CV, when written properly, is like money in the bank. With a great CV you can get employment, get promoted and really show what an asset you are. If your CV isn't written properly, it instead becomes a noose that prevents you from getting employment and creates a bad image of you. Here are a few tips to help your CV really stand out.

1. Focus on action verbs. Instead of writing, "I helped a multi-media company with their promotion" say this, "Promoted a multi-media company."

2. Promote the company you worked for in order to make your service look more important. In stead of saying you worked with company XYZ, why not point out that they are a Fortune 500 company or that they won certain industry awards?

3. Talk about the differences you made with each company. Taking our example from number 1, "Promoted a multi-media company" you could go further with this, ""Promoted a multi-media company and increased their traffic by X%."

4. Prove it, don't just say it. You can see in the example above that we did not just say, ""Promoted a multi-media company and improved their traffic." Instead we told the readers of our CV exactly how much we increased the traffic.

5. List your education only if it is helpful. Do not write that you finished some classes at University. If you did not finish, it's best to leave that part off.

6. Look at your CV as an unobnoxious brag rather than a list of things you have done. Your CV should not read like a boring list. It is a promotional tool meant to brag about your accomplishments.

7. Add all of your contact information. Don't limit the ways you can be contacted to just those you like--instead, list every conceivable method of contact you can think of to make it convenient for the hiring manager.

8. Stay focused. Every sentence in your CV should have a defined focus and clear meaning. It should "speak" directly to the hiring managers who read it and it should offer a compelling reason to hire you.

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