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 Is Your Bike in Good Working Order?

Going out for a bike ride is a lovely way to get some fresh air and exercise. To get the most out of your next bike ride, make sure that your bike is in good working order. Many of us own bikes that could use a good tune-up before embarking on a trip round the neighbourhood. We often don't realize this till we hop on our bikes only to notice that a tyre's flat or a chain's squeaky. To prevent this from happening to you, here's a brief checklist of some things to check on before you go out for a bike ride.

Are the tyres properly inflated?
One easy way to check this is to push your fingertip gently into the tyres. If the tyres yield easily to gentle pressure, it's probably time to inflate the tyres. If that's case, inflate the tyres until they no longer yield to gentle pressure. A good tyre pump makes this job a breeze.

Are the bike's chains and gears in good order?
An easy way to check your bike's chains is to lay the bike on its side and gently rotate the wheels. As you do this, check to see if the chains and gears have any gunk or structural problems. These things can prevent the bike from functioning safely.

Are the bike's chains lubricated?
As you check the chains' condition, check to see if the chains are properly lubricated. If the chains appear to be having trouble moving round the gear, it's probably time to add lubricant to the chains.

Are the bike's brakes working well?
It's very dangerous to ride a bike with faulty brakes. That's why it's important to check your bike's brakes and brake pads before going out for a ride. To do this, look for signs of wear on the brakes and the pads. If there's wear on any of these parts, the bike isn't safe to ride.

Finally, is the seat in good working order?
To check that the seat is okay to ride on, check to see that the seat is screwed on to the bike frame securely. If the screw’s loose, tighten it with a screwdriver or a wrench.

If you need help fixing your bike, ask your local shop for help. Most shop employees are happy to help cycling enthusiasts find the things they need to fix their bikes properly. They are also happy to help you fix your bike if you can’t do it yourself.

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