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Having run dating agencies for several decades I reckon I know a thing or two about the mating game! I have been personally responsible for many many relationships and quite a few weddings; some of these didn't last as long as they should because I suspect that in most cases the two people concerned rushed into it too quickly; but the majority have survived quite happily and I still get invited to the odd Christening even many years later! Now that most of my activities are online I run dating sites that people place personal ads on, and whilst the majority of people write a sensible description of themselves there are one or two errors that crop up over and over again, and really set my teeth on edge. Here are just a few of them.

The most annoying is the ad from someone who is obviously after a British passport first and foremost! This type of person inevitably gives the whole game away by writing an ad in absolutely execrable language and grammar, claiming to be from places like London in Avon or Birmingham in Scotland; but the real giveaway is when they state that they wish to meet people of any race and any age. These ads are deleted immediately!

The next category of people who are inevitably going to fail are the moaners. They go on and on about what a dreadful life they have had and how they are looking for someone to rescue them from it. Let us be realistic; we all like to look forward to a happier life but are we going to find that with someone who never stopped complaining? People who plays advertisements like these are putting an albatross around their necks right from the beginning.

Finally; there are the males who state that they are quite shy and lacking in confidence. To make it even worse some of them even appeal for a woman to help them! Now any woman worth her salt will want to have a man who she can be proud of and whom she can rely on in an emergency; does someone who starts off by asking for help to support a fractured self belief sound like the sort of person who a woman should consider as a partner through life? Plus; even the most outwardly confident woman can sometimes nurse a certain lack of confidence in herself; this is hardly likely to be bolstered by a relationship with a man who admits that he has no confidence in himself either! Sorry fellas, but with an ad like that you are a non starter.

Don't let all this put you off though, a happy relationship with the right person is worth taking a lot of time and effort to find. Good luck with your search; yes there are quite a few frogs out there but an awful lot of princes and princesses too!

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