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Many singles subscribe to online Christian romance personals sites because they assume the word "Christian" implies safety, trustworthiness, good principles and more. Obviously, there are Christian subscribers on Christian romance sites. But, there's no guarantee that all the people meeting through the site are Christians or have impeccable character.

A middle-aged friend opted to subscribe to a Christian personals service seeking to connect with someone sharing like values and faith. After six months, she felt incredibly disappointed when her searches returned individuals more interested in her aesthetic appeal than her values, character or personality, not to mention faith. Many of those who responded to her profile were interested in first viewing more images of her before considering further communication.

For some, looks are more than just significant. It would seem "like faith" and "like values" aren't criteria many deem most important when initially considering a date even on Christian sites. Although my friend's experience may not be representative of all dating sites, it is nonetheless revealing.

The reasons for joining a Christian dating site likely differ among subscribers. Some may be more interested in a long-term relationship e.g. finding a soul mate, while others may be interested in meeting/dating more than one individual. Still, for a site which touts itself as Christian, many subscribers perhaps naively anticipate that "looks" wouldn't be the most important factor in seeking a match.

Individuals who subscribe to Christian services because they anticipate the subscribers will be more accepting of aesthetic imperfection, may be disappointed. Looks are more important than many will probably acknowledge.

Also, many people may subscribe to Christian dating services not because they are individuals of faith, rather, they anticipate meeting an individual who has attributes often consistent with those who have a strong faith.

More importantly, however, my friend learned that Christian sites do not guarantee that other subscribers will be people of impeccable character. Nor can any online dating service guarantee subscribers are of impeccable character, in spite of good screening. Anyone considering subscribing to a Christian personals site should embark with the same caution as with any online dating service. Proceeding with equally realistic notions, whether the dating service is Christian or otherwise, may result in fewer disappointments.

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