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Designer Furniture

Live the Designer Way in the UK: Find stylish furniture pieces from these top suppliers

Taking pride in your home is easy when your rooms are styled with chic, sophisticated furnishings that lend your personal space a distinguished touch. Although we often associate designer furniture with the millionaire, mogul, and celebrity crowd, a trendy, upscale interior doesn’t have to be beyond your reach.

Designer brands are offered by retailers all across the UK, with elegant pieces to help you bring any design vision to life. You may have to expand your budget a little for some designer finds, but you can also stumble upon must-have items at clearance prices. Whether you’re going for the classic, cultured look or planning an artistic, modern refuge, the furniture of your dreams is waiting to be transplanted from your imagination to your front door. To get a head start on your search, check out five of the top designer furniture sites offering the best in European design.

1. FCI – With showrooms in London, Middlesex, and Mumbai, FCI can offer both efficient online/phone service or on-site assistance. Beyond the basics, this retailer also carries office furniture, decorative art, carpets and flooring, mood lighting, and a sizable selection of clearance buys. FCI specializes in contemporary pieces from popular European brands like Cierre, Calligaris, Hulsta, and Foscarini that you can preview annually at Grand Designs Live. For the reluctant customer, FCI can provide photorealistic representations of your remodeled home before you spend a dime.

2. Encompass Furniture & Accessories – Encompass is ideal for the avant-garde sculptural aesthetic, with imaginative designs for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Buy online or visit the Hampshire showroom for a look at unique designs with pronounced geometric and artistic inspirations from brands like Hoet, Quodes, and Roel Vandebeek. Encompass offers free delivery for most purchases and issues a helpful newsletter with info on exhibitions and markdowns.

3. Made In Design – This online retailer featured in The Independent houses a refreshing variety, from the zany and quirky to the ultra-refined. Drawing from 700 designers, the site includes indoor and outdoor furnishings, along with inventive hi-tech gadgets and stylish accessories. In Made In Design’s newsletter you can learn about new products, seasonal sales, and their premier brand of Kartell furnishings.

4. Saw It First – This online dealer features furnishings for every style, with a considerable focus on retro, contemporary, and avant-garde. Saw It First gathers pieces from unforgettable designers, such as Phillipe Starck, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe, with items seen worldwide on shows like Big Brother. The site offers free delivery and occasional sales, but the site’s real gem is its extensive collection of hip, avant-garde seating.

5. Amode – Barely two years old, Amode has received excellent reviews from The Independent, The Times, and InStyle magazine for its refined European collections. Housing a majority of Italian brands, such as Trivento, Domino, and Stella, Amode will appeal to contemporary, rustic, and classic sensibilities. The site offers a newsletter, fashionable design tips, and one of the best clearance selections around.

Before you make a hasty furniture update this year, make the choice to pamper your home and do it the designer way!

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