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Discount Flights

 When you are travelling or planning a holiday, it is important to think ahead. Part of planning ahead is making sure you get the best use out of your money, and discount flights can be a large part of that.

Once it was as simple as phoning your favourite airline and informing them of your time and date of travel. They would provide you with the lowest fare they had and you would accept that and make reservations. Today thanks to the Internet, travelling has changed so dramatically that most people make all of their holiday plans online. It's quite a rare event for anyone to actually visit the office of a travel agent. While you can always have a travel agent handle your flight plans, you will do best by searching out these cheap flights on your own. How do you begin, though? Searching out discount flights can be a great deal easier than it may seem. Here are a few pointers.

First, you should make calls to all of your local airlines. Inquire about specials, and find out if there might possibly be lower flights listed online. Most often, airlines will tell you that you will find Internet-only deals on their website which are quite a bit cheaper than you can get over the telephone. After you have spoken to all of the airlines which you are considering flying with, make notes about the best offerings and move on to the Internet.

You can approach your Internet flight search in two different ways. You may choose to visit a large travel site which guarantees the cheapest discounted flights but has some restrictions, or you may visit each airline site individually.

If you are fairly flexible regarding your travel times and dates, you will do best with the large travels sites. Usually, you will be entering a certain amount of money, say 150.00, and request a flight for that amount or less. If the flight meeting that price is found you will be obligated to purchase it, although the flight may be at less than ideal times. Often you can save a great deal of money this way.

You may also visit each airline website individually, and enter your travel dates and preferred times. You will be presented with a list of possible flights, and you can then choose the least expensive. Usually you will find the best deals possible by travelling at off peak times. Sometimes you will find that willingness to have an extra layover or two will translate into saving quite a few pounds.

Discount Flights - probably the largest choice of Discount Flights in the UK!

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