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 Have you finally reached the point of your life where you are ready to give up washing dishes by hand? Itís a momentous occasion, marked as much by financial success as personal growth. When shopping for a dishwashing machine, there are numerous things to watch out forósome of which you may have not considered.

Although many people will be sensitive to the price and size of their potential new dishwasher, an often overlooked factor is how noisy the dishwasher is. Depending on the number of dishes you plan to do in an average week, the noise factor of your machine will impact your domestic life. If you are a single person or a recently married couple with no children, you will probably not be doing nearly as many dishes as a family of four, unless of course you throw extravagant dinner parties on a weekly basis. Either way, do ask for a demonstration of how noisy the machine is. If youíre trying to save energy, and only run the machine during off-hours (which usually correspond to the times you would either be sleeping or relaxing in your home) do you really want to listen to gears grinding and water being splashed about in a cleaning frenzy?
The second thing to consider is the size and ease of mobility of the internal racks. How efficiently are the racks designed? Do they maximize the amount of space, or is the dishwasher physically imposing but functionally small? The racks should have several spacing options, so that if you have dozens of coffee cups but hardly any plates to wash, you can adjust the rackís height, relative to the ceiling of the dishwasher, and fit in all of your dishes.
Also, try to select a dishwasher with the highest and most efficient use of water. There is no reason to wash dishes with 20 gallons of water when 5 would do the job handily. Consult with the salesperson on site to identify the most energy efficient washer.

Finally, how much detergent does the machine use? Dishwasher detergent, while in of itself not prohibitively expensive, should be conserved.
The goal of owning a dishwasher should not only be to conserve your efforts, but also to conserve energy as a whole. Using the aforementioned tips, shop wisely and donít automatically buy the cheapest dishwasher in the store. By spending money now, you will save money later.

Dishwashers - probably the largest choice of Dishwashers in the UK!

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