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Disposable Cameras

The Economical and Portable Advantages of Disposable Cameras

In the past, cameras were a bit of a luxury. They were only used for specific occasions to document specific memories. To many, the camera was a prized possession, and they were quite expensive to come by. Having a good camera was a bit of a status symbol at one time but now, all of that has changed with the introduction of disposable cameras.

Disposable cameras are cheap and easily portable. Disposable cameras are now affordable to everyone, and they rival the quality of some of the better cameras on the market today. Since their introduction, most everyone has used a disposable camera in both digital and conventional formats. The disposable camera race has been going on for some time, with companies such as Kodak, Nikon, Canon and others racing to manufacture the best, most affordable disposable camera on the market.

Most disposable cameras are sold with pre-installed 35mm film they are ready to use immediately all you need to do is wind the camera, point, then take your picture. Generally, most disposable cameras are equipped with auto-flash and auto-focus features, but there are some that feature adjustable focus and flash capabilities to help customize how you take your pictures. If you search well, you can even find those that are waterproof for any of your underwater photography needs.

As mentioned before, most disposable cameras come with 35mm film or a film cartridge. A few require you to load the film yourself, but the more common ones come with the film already wound and ready to go.

The digital versions are the newest development in disposable camera technology. They work in much the same way conventional digital cameras do, but only can be used one time the memory chip cannot be erased.

There are considerable advantages with using disposable cameras:

* Cost they are relatively inexpensive, won't break the budget, and can be found almost everywhere
* Available in Bulk when you buy them in bulk they can be purchased for as little as ₤2-3 GBP.
* Ideal Party gifts they make great party gifts for weddings, vacations, tour groups, reunions, etc.

Finally, disposable cameras are a great option for those who want to take great pictures without breaking their budget. They are also a great option for those who don't want to risk their main camera getting stolen, lost, and/or damaged. Simply by using disposable cameras, you can find an economical solution to your photography needs, eliminate wear and tear on your main camera, and shoot as many quality pictures as your heart desires conveniently and easily.

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