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Dog Food

 A Quick Guide to Dog Food

Dogs have many tasty foods to choose from. However, if given the opportunity to do so, most dogs would rather raid the treat jar and gorge themselves on yummy treats all day! Letting your dog eat nothing but treats is a bad idea because it eventually leads to serious health problems.

Since dogs donít understand this, itís up to their owners to provide them a healthy diet. Dogs need a specially proportioned diet that includes animal protein, grains and vegetables. This diet provides dogs the right amount of nutrients that they need to stay healthy and active.

Here's a quick guide that can help owners find nutritionally sound products. It gives owners some suggestions on what to look for when they buy dog food. If you take a moment to read the packaging beforehand, you can quickly learn which foods are good to feed to your dog. Here are a few ways to go about doing it:

First, look for dry foods that list beef or chicken protein as the first ingredients.
There are several dry foods that list beef and chicken as their first ingredients. For just a few pence more, you can feed your dog good food that gives him the protein he needs to build lean muscle mass. These dry foods are often sold in convenient sizes that make it simple to store the food. Your dogs will also like the wide variety of flavours and textures these foods come in, too.

Second, look for foods that are made with barley or rice.
Contrary to popular belief, dogs need grains in their diet. They give dogs the energy they need to be active and vigorous. Try to find foods made with barley or rice. These foods are good for dogs that are allergic to other grains. Furthermore, most dogs seem to like the taste of barely and rice over other grains.

In addition, look for canned foods that are made with egg protein and vegetables.
Egg protein gives dogs the vitamins they need for shinny coats and eyes. Vegetables are also good for dogs because they provide them with some of the fibre they need for healthy digestion. Many canned dog foods are made with egg protein and/or vegetables. The best part about these canned foods is that they feature flavours that dogs find appealing.

If you need more help finding quality dog foods, why not ask your vet? He'd be happy to help you customize a diet for your dogs. He has the knowledge and the know-how to help you become a dog food expert in no time!

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