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Dog Insurance

It is said that a dog is manís best friend. Dogs are a wonderful addition to any family, but with this new addition comes awesome responsibilities. Caring for the health of a pet can be time consuming and expensive. On average, 1 in 3 pets in the UK will suffer from an illness requiring a trip to the veterinarian annually. Many people put off these visits for lack of funds. Dog insurance is an excellent way to make sure you are prepared for any pet emergencies that may arise.

There are generally 3 types of dog insurance available.

Term Coverage - This is the cheapest, most basic of insurance plans. Coverage lasts for a set number of months - typically 12. Term coverage will assist with vet fees up to a pre-set limit and coverage will end when funds are exhausted or when the term expires, whichever comes first. This plan is not a good option for a dog suffering from a chronic condition.

Lifetime Coverage - This middle-of-the-road plan offers coverage of vet fees, boarding, alternative therapies and overseas travel insurance. The annual coverage amount is typically more than with a term plan, but less than with a full plan. Typically, lifetime coverage offers a separate annual cap for each condition.

Full Lifetime Coverage - This premier plan offers all the coverage of a lifetime plan, but with a higher annual pay-out amount. Many full lifetime plans also include coverage for loss or straying, accidental damage and death from illness. This plan is favoured by those whose pet suffers from a chronic condition such as arthritis or heart problems.

It is important to note that vet fees covered by most pet insurance companies include medication, x-rays, surgery and general visits, but often exclude spaying, neutering and vaccinations. Most plans will not cover pre-existing conditions, but will begin coverage for a dog at almost any age. The cost of coverage will be higher for certain breeds and higher in certain cities that have seen a quicker rise in veterinarian fees.

With hundreds of pet insurance companies in the UK, it is important to shop for the best price and the best coverage for your petís needs. Many companies offer a discount when you order online. Many also offer a multi-pet discount. With so many options available, it is easy for dog owners to be prepared - no matter what the emergency.


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