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Dublin Hotels

 Dublin is quite compact, so most hotels are within walking distance of the city centre. You can find cheaper accommodation further away, but you'll likely spend more money on transportation than you'd save.

Accommodation Types

Hotels are rated on a five-star-scale so that visitors may easily distinguish between the various kinds of accommodation. There are many types, each with their distinct characteristics. Hotels all comply with the same regulations as to their physical requirements and services they provide. Hotels can be operated out of everything from stately country houses to castles, but all hotels have a bar. Guesthouses can be five-bedroom family houses to Victorian residences to large, modern premises; they offer an informal atmosphere and personal attention. Country homes can be modern bungalows or traditional Irish homes, all with modern amenities. Town houses often run bed & breakfasts, offering a personal, homely atmosphere.

Traditional-style Hotels

Traditional hotels are those iconic, old-world, neo-classical buildings with lavish foyers and the like. A few of Dublin's traditional hotels have been serving guests for more than 150 years some have even seen gunfighting and political machinations in their halls. Others are newer, based out of converted churches and banks. If you have to get a room in a hotel, you might as well be able to say you stayed in a castle. Traditional hotels tend to be more expensive, though you can find a few fit for a modest budget. If this is the type of hotel you want, Dublin will surely have a fitting choice.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are in vogue these days usually intimate, tasteful, and well-equipped to serve their guests. They're aimed at young professionals looking for something better and willing to pay for it. The stylish boutique hotels are often the choice of visiting celebrities and some are quite well-known among the moneyed set. Offering styles from minimalist to Eastern luxury to distinctly Irish, Dublin has a boutique hotel for every taste.


Many hotels have conference space available for large groups. These need to be reserved in advance, but hotels will work with organisers to make sure the event proceeds as planned, taking into account numbers, special equipment needed, meals served, and all the other details involved.

If you're heading to Dublin for a stag or hen weekend, make sure to check the hotel's policies. Only a few hotels are equipped for such groups and some have "no stag" rules that allow them to evict parties if they didn't inform the hotel when booking.

Dublin Hotels - probably the largest choice of Dublin Hotels in the UK!

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