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DVD Players

DVD players have quite a history that began as major electronic companies looked for ways during the 1980 to find the greatest amount of storage for electronic media in the smallest amount of space. The DVD format was officially founded in 1995, taking hold in Japan in 1996, followed by the United States in 1997, Europe in 1998 and Australia in 1999. During this time DVD technology was outrageously expensive taking quite a while to fall below 200. By 2003, VHS players were no longer found in shops and DVD players and recorders have replaced them at unbelievably low prices.

A DVD holds great amounts of data in storage. Typical data includes movies. The storage space is used to record, erase and re-record data on a compact disc which has dimensions of approximately 12 cm. There are many DVD formats include DVD+R, DAV-RAM, DVD-RW, and DVD Rom discs to name a few. It is not clear what DVD actually stands for but some say it stands for digital video disc or digital versatile diskette.

DVD Definitions

The quality of the DVD is in the print with less expensive DVDs using MPEG-1 encoding and higher quality displacing MPEG-2 coding. DVD-R can record data only one time, whereas DVD-RW can be recorded over many times. DVD-RAM has random access rewritable, and DVD+R/RW can only record data one time. DVD+RW means that data can be recorded as many times as wished. A DVD-R DL is doubled layered, meaning it has two recordable layers on one single sided disc.

Many DVD discs are format according to region and some DVD players will only work using discs for a certain region because DVDs released earlier in some regions were distributed and played before some movies (for example) were released in other regions.
DVD Regions

Some of the disadvantages of owning a DVD machine are certain DVD players will not support all DVD formats, nor do they support HDTV entirely. DVD machines have copy protection and regional lockout issues.

Most DVD players have features that include audio CD playback, scenes playback, choice of language, freeze frames, fast and slow play, parental lockout and sockets for TV connections. Any DVD purchased should also have component video output for a quality picture, RF output, multiple disc capacity, reverse play and progressive scanning capabilities. A high quality DVD player will also offer JPEG image compatibility, Digital zoom, six-channel output and the ability to playback video CDs. The best DVDs available will offer Dolby digital surround sound, which is also found in many cinemas, and DVD home cinema systems .

DVD Players - probably the largest choice of DVD Players in the UK!

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