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 With the popularity of earrings in todayís era, many people are surprised to find out that earrings first appeared in the Middle East. While earrings were considered a bit taboo for many years, in the early 1900ís earrings began to appear as a fashion statement. During this time earrings were produced only as clip-on accessories. In the 1960ís and 1970ís the style changed from clip-on earrings to pierced styles. Today many people without pierced ears have a difficult time finding clip-on earrings.

The style of earrings has evolved drastically over the past several years. Early fashion earrings were designed to wear close to the earlobe and accentuate an outfit. Today earrings can be of any shape or size and can be as simple as a small stud or a dangle that hangs to the shoulders. Earrings are one fashion accessory that are use by both men and women.

While most men prefer to pierce only one ear and wear small, stud type earrings, men are not limited by choices when it comes to earrings. In recent fashion trends the instances of men having both ear lobe pierced has begun to emerge. While some men shy away from this due to masculinity issues, others feel secure in having both ears pierced and consider it a form of self-expression.

Women have the most options when it comes to earrings. Women can choose from earrings in many styles and designs. Earrings can be found to match nearly any outfit in a womanís wardrobe and often accentuate the outfit adding pizzazz or just the right amount of colour.

Earrings are considered one of the best fashion accessories available. This is largely due to the varying prices. Costume jewellery often is the least expensive and can be a perfect accessory for an outfit or for self expression. Semi-precious and precious stones are widely available in earrings and often are very affordable. Those with higher budgets can enjoy earrings of many styles made of solid gold or diamonds. A person can literally spend as much or as little as they like for a pair of earrings.

One important factor to consider when purchasing a pair of earrings is to choose a pair of earrings that are hypo-allergenic. If the earrings you choose are made from precious metals, they are likely suitable to be worn by those with sensitive ears. Earrings made of other types of metal like surgical steel, should contain the words hypo-allergenic. This lessens the likelihood of having sensitivity issues to the earrings.

Earrings - probably the largest choice of Earrings in the UK!

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