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Options in education are continually advancing. The prevalence of high speed internet connections makes it possible for institutions to offer a wider range of services designed to meet the needs of individuals wishing to continue their schooling in a non-traditional setting. Elearning, which has been around since the 1990ís, has become a realistic solution for students who would like to pursue higher education, but have time constraints or other limitations that prevent them from attending a brick and mortar university. The changing demographics of the student population demands that schools offer alternatives to meet the needs of busy individuals with numerous obligations. Many corporations and business people are also utilizing elearning for training purposes.

For many, the benefits of elearning make education more appealing. Online courses allow for self paced study, rather than requiring strict adherence to due dates and mandatory attendance policies. This education model makes it possible for students to speed through or bypass introductions and certain sections of instruction they are already familiar with, or to slow down and concentrate on areas that require more attention.

Degrees in law, psychology, health care, business, education studies and arts and humanities as well as vocational diplomas in beauty services, fitness training, construction, business management and travel and hospitality related studies are some of the programmes offered through distance learning schools. Professionals often take e-courses in marketing, project management, personnel and development, accountancy, finance and business management to obtain the extra education needed to advance their careers. Creative studies in photography, gardening, creative writing and fashion are also offered through several elearning programmes.

Upon enrollment, students will be granted access to online instruction and tutorials; additional printed materials may also be sent to them. Courses are usually presented in modules that must be completed in order; students will be required to submit assignments and pass examinations before moving on to the next section.

Elearning is the up to date equivalent of the correspondence course. Because the Internet provides a relatively inexpensive method of delivery, both for instruction and study materials, completing a degree or diploma through online studies saves the student a substantial amount of money over physically attending university or other schools. The savings as well as the convenience of self paced study have made higher learning more accessible; as a result many individuals are choosing elearning as a practical way to complete their education.

Elearning - probably the largest choice of Elearning in the UK!

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