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Energy Efficiency

 Given the current level of concern for the environment and fuel supplies, energy efficiency is a highly important part of modern living. By conserving, not only is the natural world spared from unnecessary harm, but a little bit of money can be saved as well. Being aware of how we use energy can allow us to use it more efficiently. Thinking about the energy efficiency of one’s home may be dull, but it’s highly important to maintaining our planet, and as added incentive will keep money in your wallet. Small steps can be taken that add up to giant savings on both the power bill and our impact on the fragile environment.

y being aware of how energy is used by our appliances, we can make more effective use of the power we use. Standing in front of the refrigerator with the door ajar while one considers what to snack on wastes energy by letting the cold air escape. Thinking about what you’d like before opening the door will allow you to get in and get out quickly, and save strain on your fridge in the process. Using the cool setting on washers and dryers is more energy efficient than warm or hot settings, and the majority of household laundering comes just as clean without the heat. These small acts may seem insignificant on their own, but each one is a big step towards responsible use of our precious resources.

Updating your household appliances is a popular way to strive towards better energy efficiently in the home. Outdated iceboxes, washers and other household appliances use more power than modern, updated versions. While it may not be practical to replace all the energy-gobbling outmoded items in one’s home en masse, when it comes time to replace household goods, considering energy efficiently can lead to reduced electric and gas bills in the future. Many home goods manufacturers have taken to priding themselves on how little energy their products actually use, and proudly emblazon ‘Energy Saver’ or ‘Energy Star’ across their labels. Seeking out these products makes the energy conservation process much easier. Through responsible use, energy efficiency will come naturally.

Energy Efficiency - probably the largest choice of Energy Efficiency in the UK!

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