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 The last twenty years have witnessed significant advances in eyewear technology, elevating what used to be a mark of social awkwardness into a must-have accessory. You can buy prescription lenses or, if you have 20/20 vision but want to inject a little pizzazz into your life, simply start sporting a stylish frame. Whatever your particular situation, make sure you keep in mind a few key guidelines when purchasing eyewear.

Above all other considerations, make sure your eyewear frames are comfortable. Even if you are wearing them for short jaunts, if the frames are too tight or the nose fittings inflexible or badly adjusted, you will find yourself quite visibly uncomfortable. Although many frames now feature a slight spring in the nose fittings, so that the frames feel as if they are alighting gently on the nose and not pressing down upon it, badly aligned fittings will leave tell-tale red marks and depressions in your skin. If the frames feel as if they are pressing on your head, you will eventually develop a quite crushing headache. On the flip side, oversize frames will make your ears ache from the slippage and unequal weight distribution.
Once you’ve established these basic notions of comfort, when choosing the style of frame, try to pick one that accentuates the positive aspects of your face. Round faces will benefit from slightly rounded glasses; extremely angular faces will do well to have a sleek frame.

Many prescription lenses now come with a “photo-gray” option, which essentially means that the lens is sensitive to sunlight. When exposed to sunlight, the lens will darken, enabling you to save on having to buy separate sunglasses and while still protecting your eyes from ultra-violent rays.

Also, because you will most likely be wearing your frames on a daily basis, don’t be afraid to shop around. In any given city, there are dozens of excellent eyewear shops that feature trained, helpful staff who can often as not help you select the perfect frames for your face in a variety of colours and styles. Choosing just the right eyewear will keep you in focus and in vogue!

Eyewear - probably the largest choice of Eyewear in the UK!

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