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Facepainting may have had its origins in such dubious pursuits as decorating warriors to look more fearsome to their enemies but children of today have embraced it enthusiastically! Kids love to be painted, and they love to show off the designs to their friends afterwards, whether they have been transformed into something harmless like a cat, dog or bird, or a more fearsome creature such as a lion or, particularly at Halloween, a ghost. Manufacturers have not been slow to recognize a potential market and now there are a whole host of products available which are safe and hygienic to use and which feature bright glitter and brilliant colours, meaning that the adults who paint the children can give full rein to their imagination!

It has to be remembered however that the painter does not have to be a Michelangelo! When the blueprint for children was first drawn up, unfortunately one item was missed out: patience! The fact is that most kids just don't have any at all! They are not happy at sitting still for a long while whilst you create an artistic masterpiece, and neither are the other kids happy whilst they stand waiting for you to finish off spending so much time on another child. The joy of most facepainting is that it is simple and the kids are not likely to worry too much about whether or not the colour scheme is correct and the balance between light and shade is perfect!

If, on the other hand, you are organising a party and wish to have, as near as possible, perfect results there are entertainers out there who you can hire to do the painting for you. Many of these have other skills to entertain children and have sufficient experience to be able to bring out the character of each child and give each of them a different persona.

If you don't want to go to that much expense and feel that you would enjoy doing the painting just as much as the kids, then remember the golden rule; keep it fun, and keep it simple!

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