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Family Travel Insurance

Holidaying with your family can be a risky proposition. Children do fall ill and accidents happen, making it possible you might have to cancel or interrupt your holiday. You will also be travelling with more baggage, and children will be carrying some of it, which makes loss a real possibility. Family travel insurance is a wise idea, and the UK market has a variety of different policies to appeal to all financial levels. As an added incentive, many policies cover children for free if there are adults on the policy as well. Here are some common types of coverage options, along with basic information on how family travel insurance can help your family through unexpected situations.

Trip Cancellation

If your son breaks his ankle while playing soccer, you might have to cancel your skiing holiday. Unfortunately, depending upon how close to the holiday date the accident occurs, some or all of the trip fees might be non-refundable. Family travel insurance can help protect you in this situation by covering the non-refundable parts of the trip.

Trip Disruption

While in the midst of a tropical holiday, you receive a phone call that one of your elderly relatives has died. You need to leave so that you can attend the funeral. You can be reimbursed your costs for leaving a holiday due to illness, injury, or a death back at home, if you have travel interruption coverage on your insurance policy.


Your regular insurance policy may or may not cover the full costs of any types of medical treatment when abroad. Travel insurance policies will reimburse you for a certain percentage of your out of pocket medical expenses. Make sure you check with the different vendors for specific coverage limits.

Baggage Loss

While airlines often cover a small portion of lost luggage claims, travellers know that the real cost to replace their lost items is generally much higher than the negligible amount offered by the airline. Family travel insurance can help protect you from costly replacement expenses by providing additional coverage in case of loss or theft.


Keep in mind that family travel insurance policies must generally be bought at the same time you book your holiday or shortly thereafter. Coverage will vary so be sure to discuss your needs thoroughly with your insurance provider.

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