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Some months ago when I was sitting in the departure lounge at Manchester airport I was somewhat surprised, to say the least, to see a bunch of Mexicans complete with capes and wide brimmed hats sitting in the middle of the floor swilling lager! Had a Mexican team just played Manchester United in the World Cup perhaps? Were they holidaymakers from Mexico, here to sample the wind and rain of an average Manchester summer? Had they perhaps got lost en route to Acapulco? No, they were a gang of lads out on a stag party heading for the bars of Malaga. In the same departure lounge there was a group of nuns, but something was not quite right; the habits finished well above the knee and the necklines plunged alarmingly! You've guessed it, this was a group of girls intent on some very un-angelic behaviour on a hen night! In both cases a bit of fancy dress had transformed a relatively routine celebration into something that most of the participants will probably never forget the rest of their lives, hopefully for the right reasons.

If you're planning a special event which involves fancy dress then you can allow your imagination to run riot; whether you want to appear as a werewolf, a chicken or Genghis Khan is irrelevant, some fancy dress stockists somewhere will have the right equipment for you but you have to plan these things properly! It is no use turning up two days before the event expecting your local fancy dress costumes stockist to have 55 Batman uniforms waiting in stock for you, things simply do not happen that way so you need to allow plenty of time to make sure you get exactly what you want. This is particularly important at times such as Halloween; there are only a limited number of vampire fancy dress costumes in existence and everyone wants them at once; stockists are not going to carry a huge quantity of an item which will only be hired out once a year so they tend to run out of the best uniforms very quickly particularly since about 90% of fancy dress hire happens during late October. Going to a Star Trek convention? You may not care whether you go as Mr Spock, a Klingon or a little Venusian Swamp Devil but although all these costumes plus more others than you can possibly imagine exist, they will have disappeared from the shelves months ago. Similarly, Father Christmas uniforms may be stacked up by the thousand in mid-February, but just try getting one two weeks before Christmas and you will find it a completely fruitless exercise. Plan ahead, search for exactly what you are looking for online and book early and you will probably get exactly what you are looking for to make your party go with a real swing!

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