80s themed fancy dress

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80s Fancy Dress

Finally, we reach the decade of the 80s. It won't be hard at all to find something to turn into a winning fancy dress costume. The easiest to start is the fashions. You can dress like Madonna or another favourite musician or celebrity, or you can wear your own 80s styles.

If you were born in the 80s, you could dress up like your favourite 80s toys or dress in the clothes you wore as a kid. Obviously, the actual clothes wouldn't fit, but you can wear a similar "80s kids" style. What's your favourite memory from the 80s? If you can, dress up like.

In order to get inspired, watch any of the old classic 80s movies to find a great dress up idea. You're bound to find a winner just by reminiscing of that crazy decade.

Glam rock, make-up, jewellery, man bags and long hair for men, jeans so tight they could never be taken off, outrageous shirts, the 'cool' cult, dreadful music made by machines, widespread use of pocket calculators, colour TV, even the odd mobile phone the size of two house bricks meant a new fashion era in which the old rules were thrown away.


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