Adult fancy dress

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Adult Fancy Dress

You may think that fancy dress is just for kids but you don't have to be under 12 in order to dress up like a character or enjoy a costume party. Costumes are for adults just as much as they are for youngsters.

Adult costumes can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. The best way to find a costume is to be creative. You can browse through existing fancy dress costumes that are already designed and ready to go, or you can look through clothes and accessories to design your own.

A fun idea for adult costumes is themed pairs or couples. You can match up with your spouse or a friend and be a team. Dress up like a bunch of super heros or be a famous historical couple. You don't have to be people at all. Dress up as the latest gadgets or a delicious feast.

If you can't find an idea, turn on the television and dress up like the first crazy character you see. Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you have to dress like an adult. Why not dress up like a kid? Be creative and use your imagination if you want to have the most unique costume around.

Whipmaster general! Basque, whip, black stockings and top hat complete the ensemble.

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