Christmas fancy dress costumes

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Christmas Fancy Dress

If Christmas is your favourite holiday, why not make it your favourite fancy dress costume, too? The possibilities for a Christmas costume are endless. You can be a Christmas tree and cover yourself with tree branches, ornaments, and tinsel, or you can be the shiny, wrapped packages underneath.

Do you wish you could be a kid on Christmas morning again? You can be! Dress in your favourite  red pyjamas, add a Santa hat, and make sure you show the true excitement that accompanies all excited kids on Christmas morning. You could also be an angel, a Christmas cookie, a wreath, an ornament, a Christmas card, a Wise man, or anything else that even remotely has to do with Christmas.

If Christmas isnít your thing, dress up like any of your favourite holidays. It doesnít have to be Easter to dress up like an Easter bunny. Choose your favourite holiday and try to resemble it to your heart's content.

Probably the easiest fancy dress of all; a red nose, a bit of tinsel and a 'Father Christmas' hat which really is the danger because everyone else could be dressed the same. Why not dress up as an elf, a wise man, even a reindeer instead? Now that IS showing imagination!

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