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Disney Fancy Dress

Think back to your favourite Disney movie. Is it a movie you watched over and over again as a kid? Maybe you hated it but there was one character that stuck out. Do you consider Lion King to be the best movie of all time or does The Little Mermaid give it a run for its money? Is there a movie you've never seen that has lots of cool characters that must be as awesome as they look on the covers of the DVDs?

Out of all the available Disney characters out there, you're bound to find one that is new, fun, and exciting. Dress up like your favourite princess, prince, fish, or alien. Dress up like Ariel, Flounder, Jasmine, the Magic Carpet, the Genie, Belle, the Beast, Nemo, Dori, Simba, Peter Pan, or any of the less popular films like the Melody Time tugboat or Todd from the Fox and the Hound.

Owing to the large number of Disney movies, both animated and real life, you won't run out of costume ideas. You might just be inspired to dig out some of your old Disney movies to find the winning character for your next costume party.

Part of the fun of dressing up in costumes is to guess what everybody is dressed up as. If you dress up as a Disney character, you can have everybody try to guess which character you are. If you're going to a party, try to seek out all the Disney characters. You'll probably be more than surprised by how many people choose to cherish Disney movies enough to dress as their favourite character.

Mickey Mouse ears, that's all you need really. The rest is up to your imagination.

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