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No costume would be complete without the right accessories. Whether you dress up like a witch or a Disney princess, look for accessories that match the great idea you are dreaming up in your mind.

If you long to be the Disney princess Jasmine from Aladdin, you will need giant gold earrings, a gold necklace, a gem scarf to wrap around your hair, and the perfect shoes. If you don't already have long, flowing black hair, you'll need to get a wig.

If you are planning a more general costume like a fairy, teacher, or doctor, your accessories won't be so restricted. You can add your wings and a wand for a fairy, carry around an apple, a ruler, and schoolbooks to be a teacher, and add a stethoscope for a doctor.

Accessories can be one of the most fun parts of any costume. Some are huge props that you attach to yourself or carry around and others are simple additions. Whatever you need, be creative to get the best look. The more you add, the crazier your costume will be.

Two ladies in Venetian masks and feathered hats

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