Pirate themed fancy dress

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Pirate Fancy Dress

Pirates are a classic costume idea. Most recently, the Pirates of the Caribbean pirate theme has been popping up all over. You can be Jack Sparrow or any of your other favourite pirates. A fun idea is to dress up as an entire pirate crew with your friends. If you're really willing to be committed, you can even bring your own pirate ship.

Don't forget your gold earrings, eye patch, sword, and parrot. Tell everyone to "walk the plank!" as you show off your creative and ingenious pirate creation.

I wouldn't like to meet him on a dark and wet Friday night in February! Little boys are naturally born pirates anyhow, it's just our interfering with their education that makes them take up less worthwhile careers. This isn't a costume you can easily rustle up yourself but there are plenty of choices in the shops.


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