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Female Car Insurance

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Female Car Insurance - probably the largest choice of Female Car Insurance in the UK!

It is a generally accepted fact in the insurance industry that females are a far better risk than males. Much of this can probably be put down to testosterone, particularly among young males whose accident rates are way above the average, along with the numbers of convictions for road traffic offences that they accumulate, so it is hardly surprising that females are usually offered much lower quotations for car insurance then males in similar categories such as occupation, age, experience etc.

Never short to miss a sales opportunity a number of insurers have jumped upon the female car insurance bandwagon and policies have been brought out aimed specifically at women by companies such as Sheila's Wheels, MoreThan, Diamond etc with a whole host of specialist brokers advertising specifically to the female market and offering such woman-friendly extras as handbag insurance, female only breakdown cover, female friendly repair centres etc.

Are these companies a boon to women, or just a marketing gimmick? The fact is that the companies that claim to specialise in female only car insurance are not necessarily the ones that offer the most suitable policies or cheapest quotations to women, because virtually every single insurance company in Britain already offers substantial discounts to their female clients. This means that the usual tips for finding the best policy are still valid; apart from the most important piece of advice of all which is to drive safely and legally at all times! You could not only save money but also make sure that you have adequate cover by doing what the majority of people fail to do, which is actually reading through the insurance policies and finding out exactly what each particular policy will offer you (and just as important, what is excluded), get multiple quotations from different companies, see how much you can save by increasing your voluntary excesses, and decide whether or not you really need such items as a courtesy car in the event of an accident and legal aid, both of which often come at an extra charge. One excellent way to do all this very quickly and easily is to use a top insurance comparison website; Tesco has one which allows you to get quotations from most of the top companies in Britain and also gives you the ability to see how much you would save by increasing your voluntary excess (often a lot more than you think) and also how much each company would charge for monthly repayments rather than full payment in advance

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