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Ferrari Driving

 Race-car driving is no longer only a spectator-sport. With performance cars made by Ferrari and others, the average person with a love for speed can own their own car that is worthy of competition on the track. The problem is only where to really let loose with it. A Ferrari-owner could ferry over and spend some time in Germany on the Autobahn, and many do, but there is a certain satisfaction in driving on the track with the instruction of professionals.

Throughout the U.K. there are Ferrari-driving tracks that will not only teach a person to drive, but also provide the car, for those who canít afford to own one themselves. A typical Ferrari-driving experience begins on a closed track as a passenger in a Ferrari 355 Plus, 360, or other top-line model. Once a few laps are had with the professional driver, the student gets a feel for how the car handles. After some basic instruction, the student can then take the driverís seat for several laps at high-speed. Often, this is finished up with another round as passenger, and this time, the professional driver pulls out all the stops and lets the throttle go until the car reaches maximum safe speeds.

There are often restrictions to a Ferrari-driving experience, so it is always recommended to check with the specific location. They usually only operate on week-ends by appointment only. A full manual driving license must have been held for at least one year, as well. Height and weight restrictions may also apply. Standard is height of 5í to 6í 3Ē and a maximum weight of 18 stone. Weather plays a part as well. Safety always comes first and speed combined with inclement weather could spell disaster.

Some of these Ferrari-racing experiences have options for either a full-throttle racing package or the simpler thrill package as described above. The thrill packages are often only 3 to 9 laps, with the student driving only 3. They last from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the level of instruction. The full-throttle package provides for more driving time. With the Full-throttle, up to 12 laps can be driven and sometimes more. They may also allow a change of cars. For the full-throttle experience, the new Ferrari 430 Scuderia is a popular choice and provides for an action-packed day.

Ferrari Driving - probably the largest choice of Ferrari Driving in the UK!

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