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Ferries to Ireland

 Ireland, a land of sweeping beauty and exotic destinations, is on many people's lists of places they would love to visit. Many will get there by plane, but there's another option that will enhance one's travel experience like no other. Take a ferry from England, Wales, Scotland, France, or the Isle of Man and enjoy a breathtaking journey across the waters that surround Ireland.

Cross the Irish Sea and Celtic Sea from England on a number of ferries that travel from and to various destinations. Some of the wildlife one can see are the leatherback turtle which follows its main source of food, the jellyfish, along the British Isles or the twenty-one species of seabird that regularly make their nests on the beaches and cliffs. The Irish Sea is also a mecca for whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

St. George's Channel, which connects the Irish and Celtic Seas, runs from St. David's Head, Wales, to Carnsore Point, Ireland. Thousands of people travel by ferry between these two points every summer and can see additional wildlife such as the basking shark and grey seals. There are several ferries that run from Wales to Ireland, the trips lasting from under two hours to just under four hours.

The North Channel connects the Irish Sea with the Atlantic Ocean and separates the eastern portion of Northern Ireland from the southwestern portion of Scotland. It offers a number of ferry services and another opportunity to see much of the sea life mentioned above.

Traveling by ferry to Ireland can be a simple jaunt or a luxury journey. Some ferries even offer lounges, night clubs, play areas for children, and conference rooms. A ferry ride is not necessarily a simple means of getting from point A to point B. It can be an adventure within an adventure when traveling to Ireland. From small cable ferries to large ferries much like cruise ships, many also transporting vehicles, there is a ferry for everyone's needs and desires.

Whether traveling to Ireland from England, Scotland, Wales, France, or the Isle of Man, taking a ferry can truly make the trip more complete and memorable. Before seeing beautiful Ireland's jaw-dropping scenery and experiencing its rich culture, indulge in a luxurious ferry ride across the open waters. What a way to start a much anticipated vacation or getaway. Forget the plane to Ireland, take the ferry and build memories right away.

Ferries to Ireland - probably the largest choice of Ferries to Ireland in the UK!

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