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 Fitness is not just a beauty treatment, but is also essential for quality of life and longevity. In this beauty orientated society, we sometimes lose touch with reality that devoting time to fitness is not about vanity, but rather sustaining a better and longer life.

The fitness craze will entice and lure the unsuspecting client into the latest fad or fitness regime, but all you really need is to apply common sense and work your heart rate at a speed that's comfortable and within your beginner's level. Taking a brisk walk five days a week is a great start to a healthy heart and costs you little to nothing, lest a pair of good walking shoes. However, be sure to keep a good pace and not a leisurely stroll, as this is essential to get your cardio workout and develop some solid muscular development in the legs.

Another great resource costing very little is to invest in a good pair of dumbbells. Women need only the minimum weights to sufficiently work the upper arm and get rid of those pesky bat wings. The back of your arm will never be used in your normal daily routine, so get to work on the flab with a two minute routine, performed twice a day, to tone and firm this most difficult area. It only takes a few weeks to realize remarkable results, so don't be discouraged and abandon the program.

For those who want maximum performance, but have little time for the gym, try investing in a good cross trainer type of equipment that will work the total body on multiple planes. Exercise units that have attachments for the arms, legs and abdomen may cost a bit more, but they are well worth the investment as there is no price tag on your good health and well being.

The key to any fitness workout is consistency and commitment. If you have neither at this time, than your fitness dream is already awash. A good start is to train your mind to think about fitness and all the benefit it brings. Working out is not a chore, its a privilege that you get to do, rather than have to do. Its mind over matter or surrender to defeat. And the best part about starting a fitness routine is experiencing the endorphins and energy release that will keep you coming back for more.

Fitness - probably the largest choice of Fitness in the UK!

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