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Booking a flight? Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your money and, perhaps more importantly, what will be charged as a 'extra'; often the cheapest base price is a lot less attractive when the extras, which may be thrown in by other carriers, have been added!

 However; if you like to travel, you couldn't ask for a better home base than the UK. You are just a short trip away from anywhere in Europe, from France and Italy to sunny Spain to the unique historical features of the Scandinavian countries. If you want a longer trip, it's easy enough to travel to America, Asia, or Australia. You can find trips to any major tourist destination, conveniently departing from the UK. While of course there are airports located throughout the UK, most international destinations will depart from Heathrow or Gatwick.

Whatever your travel needs, regardless of where you're travelling, you can now book flights conveniently online, in the comfort of your own home, often finding better prices than through a travel agency. While you are booking your flight, you can often reserve other components of your holiday, including rail tickets, travel insurance, car hire, airport parking, and hotels. Online travel web sites offer convenient travel arrangements, whether you want to travel in the UK or worldwide. You can book almost every part of your holiday travel quickly and securely through a reputable travel reservation site.

Some online travel companies will also provide useful travel tips geared toward your destination, such as interesting things to do when you get there, travel advice and warnings, upcoming tourist events, dining and accommodations, currency converters, and health advice.

Before you book your flight, make sure you understand any booking fees and whether they are already listed in the quoted price, or if they are a separate charge. Also, most booking sites add tax on the final price, rather than including it in the quote, as you may be used to for other items in the UK. Just make sure you understand all the costs when booking a cheap fare, so there aren't any unexpected, hidden costs.

Another way to control your travel costs is to travel on weekdays or book a package deal. Weekdays are typically less expensive days because there is less demand, and package deals often provide a discount off what you would pay if you booked individually.

Once you learn how easy it is, and see how much money you can save, you'll book all of your future flights online.

Flights - probably the largest choice of Flights in the UK!

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