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If you mention holidays in Florida most people will immediately think of Disney World but there is a lot more to Florida than that; Disney isn't even the only theme park, and it certainly doesn't have the wildest rides!

For a genuine adrenaline rush, why not take a trip over to Universal Studios? This real live film and TV theme park gives you the chance to get behind the scenes of your favourite movies and TV programmes as well as trying out some of the most exciting and entertaining rides in the world! Why not join the Simpsons and Krusty the Clown whilst you fly, float and crash your way through a surreal experience; enter a real working film studio and join Schrek and Princess Fiona in a new three-dimensional adventure; take the Rip Ride, an all action rocket rollercoaster that will send you 17 storeys high at speeds of up to 65 miles an hour with a huge loop that will make you feel that the laws of gravity have been well and truly broken. If you like getting wet, try Wet N' Wild; come face-to-face with Jaws, 3 tonnes of lethal killing machine, or get fully charged on adrenaline on one of the near vertical slides.

Prefer something a little gentler? Recover from all that action with a gentle stroll around the Jacksonville Zoo to see the lions, the meerkats, the elephants, and all manner of African wild animals; or if that's too hectic for you, take a train around instead with a relaxing break at the botanical gardens. Fancy something even more gentle? Try Butterfly World at Fort Lauderdale; walk through clouds of brightly coloured and rare butterflies in this tropical rainforest. Whilst you're at Fort Lauderdale you could take the kids to Wannado City; this is where they do what they want to do and make all their own decisions about who and what they want to be, whilst you relax!

If you found Jaws a little scary why not try the Miami Seaquarium; you can watch sharks as well as dolphins and whales in their own environment. Interested in the history of flight? At Lakeland you will find the Fantasy of Flight Museum where you can see more than 40 vintage aircraft in various states of renovation including a number which are in full flying condition! Both adults and the kids will love sitting in the Corsair fighter for a simulated air battle, go a step further with a simulated flight in a hang glider or go the whole hog with a balloon ascent, weather permitting!

And then there are the miles and miles of golden beaches where you can play with the kids, paddle in the surf, top up your tan or just laze the hours away.

Oh, did I mention Disney World???

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