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Food Processors

Food Processors - probably the largest choice of Food Processors in the UK!

Some people enjoy cooking and some don't, but regardless of your views it's good to be able to cut down on boring and routine work, and this is where the food processor comes into its own by making it far quicker and simpler to prepare soups, main courses, deserts, and juices, etc. There is usually a range of attachments with a processor for jobs such as chopping, mixing, liquidising, slicing or even kneading dough.

If you were to choose a new processor, one of the firstt items to consider is the capacity you need a, which depends upon the type of work you will be using it for, and the number of people you will be preparing food for. Capacities range between about 1 L and 3 L, and you need to think quite carefully about which size to go for, since although it is important to make sure that it is big enough for your families needs, one that is too large can prove inefficient as well as being difficult to store in a modern kitchen. Just how powerful the engine is is your next consideration; they vary between about 400 W and 1100 W and whilst the more powerful machines are more versatile and have higher speeds, they can cost more to run and it is all too easy sometimes to run the motor too fast when working with small quantities of food, with a subsequent risk of shortening its life. On the other hand, there is no point in buying a low powered machine if you intend to do a lot of baking and wish to use it to mix the dough. As a rough guide, a processor of 75 W or greater should be sufficient for most purposes.

You need to consider the type of blades that are supplied with the processor, and whether or not these are replaceable if they become damaged. There is little point in spending a great deal of money on a fancy processor if you will have two throw it away if a blade is accidentally damaged. In a similar vein, you need to be sure that all parts can be washed safely in a domestic dishwasher; some plastic and rubber parts cannot, and frequent washing using the highly caustic detergents used in a dishwasher can shorten their lives considerably.

See how versatile your proposed choice is going to be. You may wish to use it for blending soups only, but then you may also require a dough kneader, egg whisk, juicer, etc. Sometimes other items are included such as wooden forks, spoons spatulas and even recipe books, and these should be taken into consideration when you make your choice of which one to buy.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, take a look at just how safe your chosen processor is going to be. Check that all electrical connections are strong and well fitted, that all lids open and close efficiently, and that the unit is robust enough to withstand the occasional rough handling that it is likely to suffer in the average kitchen.

finally, once you have decided upon the make and model that you want to buy, purchase it online rather than in a local store; you'll almost certainly get it for a cheaper price, and the store may have closed down by the time you arrive there anyhow!

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