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Freebies, they are literally everywhere and everyone wants something for nothing, right? In this present day and age, it is wise for everyone to be a little frugal when it comes to purchasing every day items. The best way to do this is by receiving freebie samples to implement the "try before you buy" mentality.

Manufactures of leading brands often offer free samples to their customers. This is done to entice the customer to try the sample in hopes that they like the product so much they will want to buy the regular size product.

This is effective marketing since companies know that people will be more likely to purchase and to keep purchasing their products if they have a chance to try and use the product first.

You can get free samples in a number different ways; the main way is by searching the Internet. Freebie sites are a dime a dozen, there are literally thousands of these types of sites. The problem with most of them is they have grasped onto the freebie craze and are scamming their visitors into entering their email and personal information in hopes of getting a free item. This is called "phishing." The owners of these sites grab your information and then use it to spam you with offers.

The best way to know that these sites are indeed phishing sites is if the offer requires you to jump through many hoops filling out forms and surveys in order to get the freebie. This is the main indication that you will never receive the freebie you so painstakingly filled out those surveys for.

The best way to avoid getting taken by these sites is by never filling into the forms or surveys in the first place but realistically people will because of the lure. If you must fill out a survey, dedicate a free email account that you will use exclusively for these freebie sites, that way if you get inundated with spam, it will go to an email that isn't your main form of communication.

Freebies sites that are legitimate will have offers that are simple to acquire. They should only have a link to the form you have to fill out in order to get the freebie. There shouldn't be any costs, or shipping fees. If you do a search for freebie sites, you will find these legitimate offers it just takes some time to figure out the best sites.

Another way you can get freebies is by calling a company directly. Companies love to hear feedback from customers since this allows them to work on their products. Calling a company to inquire if they give out free samples is a good idea since most companies will give you coupons for the product if they don't offer freebies.

So getting freebies is something everyone can accomplish if they know where and how to get them without being scammed. If a site looks odd to you, trust your instincts or look up the company name to see if they have scammed others.

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