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If you are looking for more storage capacity for your frozen goods or if you need to freeze fresh food quickly, you might need to consider purchasing a standalone freezer for your house or apartment. Most refrigerators have a freezer attached to them, but itís often small which makes it less useful for people who need to store large assortments of frozen foods. The two main types of freezers on the UK market are the chest freezer and the upright. Prices range from £120 for a basic chest freezer to over £350 for a fully featured upright model. You can expect to find options such as automatic defrosting, a fast freeze cycle, locks, and even alarms which sound if a door isnít closed properly. While most models still come in standard white, many now come in sleek stainless steel versions as well. This article examines these two models and provides some information on each, as well as some helpful tips for choosing the one that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

Chest Freezers

These models are the ones you typically see in shopping centres and stores. They are typically lower priced models, often costing as little as half the price of larger stand alone units. They also tend to be more energy efficient to operate, using less energy and costing less to operate than the upright models. Their primary disadvantages are that they take up more floor space than upright models and food on the bottom of the chest tends to be difficult to access. However, if you have ample space and can locate a model which has baskets that allow you to organize your goods efficiently, this can be a cost effective freezing solution.

Examples: Whirlpool AFG6552EAP Chest Freezer or Norfrost C4CBW White Chest Freeze

Upright Freezers

A popular choice in the home UK market, these freezers come in several styles, including an under counter model which is great for those with a smaller floor plan. Efficiency has improved considerably over the past several years, and while generally not as cost effective as chest models, many are quite energy efficient. Many models have clear, removable bins and drawers which allow you to easily organize your foods for convenient access.

examples: Lec U5546W 186 Litres Upright Above-Counter Freezer in White or Hotpoint RZAV21P 102 Litres Freestanding Under Counter Freezer or Electrolux EUC25294W 250 litre Upright Freezer in White

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