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Garden Design

 Garden design, like any other kind of design, is a matter of taste. However, there are a few general things to keep in mind that can make a garden much more pleasant both to look at and to work in.

The size of the garden bed is the first consideration that comes to mind when thinking about garden design. For ease of gardening, it needs to be narrow enough to reach it from the yard or pathway the gardener will be leaning in from. If there is only one access point, one metre is about as wide as it can get without having to step in. If there is an access point at both sides, the gardenís width can be doubled without adding hassle to the job. If you want more garden space, add more paths so you can get to it all with ease.

The purpose of the garden is the next thing to keep in mind. Vegetable gardens will need to be fully accessible at the end of the season, when harvesting takes place. Flower beds, on the other hand, need only be accessible until the desired plants have grown to the point that they crowd out the weeds. Of course, if the flower species is too small to ever crowd weeds out, they will need accessibility all season long.

The next aspect of garden design concerns the overall look that is desired. Some gardens make use of colourful flowers to create their effects. Others use a lot of foliage plants, and rely on differing textures and shades of green to make an interesting view. In any case, the tallest plants need to go in the back. Otherwise, they will end up hidden by the plants in front of them.

Even vegetable gardens can be designed so they look good. Instead of randomly planting rows of different vegetables, try setting them up so the colours of the developing veggies create a nice visual impact. Also, put tall plants in back as you would with flowers or foliage plants.

Garden design is all a matter of taste. Choose the design that suits you the best, and you are sure to enjoy your garden.

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