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Garden Furniture

Antique Garden Furniture

The many varieties of garden furniture have long provided nature lovers a means of relaxation and comfort. There are several types of garden furniture, ranging from rustic wooden styles to modern looking metal or plastic designs. These are great choices for a gardener with a more contemporary personal style, or one who likes the rustic look. But gardeners who also share a love of antiques and historical styles benefit most from investing in antique garden furniture.

Antique garden furniture is quite varied, depending on the era in which the items were created. Most antique furniture was heavily influenced by the current fashions at the time the furniture was produced. Other factors determining the antique garden furniture's look include the ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, and interests of the original owners.

One of the most popular antique garden styles is cast iron garden furniture. This style manifested itself during the time of Queen Victoria's reign, but is still popular today, and with good reason: iron furniture is well-made, attractive and durable. Typically, iron furniture will feature a beautiful pattern of intertwining oak leaves in the design. Most cast iron garden furniture sets include a round table will clawed feet and matching chairs. The only disadvantage of antique iron garden furniture is the exorbitant prices-even in traditional inexpensive venues such as flea markets and garage sales, antique iron furniture will sell for double or triple the price of all other furniture, regardless of age, design or condition. Given its high quality among furniture styles, cast iron furniture is usually worth the expensive cost, but it is still prudent to compare prices and quality of furniture.

Wicker is another popular style of antique garden furniture. Wicker furniture certainly is of lower quality than iron furniture, but it looks just as attractive, and is arguably more comfortable. However, it is advisable that one purchases more recently manufactured wicker furniture for use in the garden and save the antique wicker furniture for use on the front porch. Antique wicker furniture is rarely mold resistant, nor is it waterproof. An antique wicker chair placed outside in a garden will not last long. However, more recently designed wicker furniture will typically be both waterproof and mold-resistant, while maintaining the attractive style of more antique wicker furniture.

Whichever style of antique garden furniture you choose, you will find that it greatly adds to the beauty and comfort of your garden.

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