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 Gardening is a popular pastime for many reasons. It’s relaxing, it can be good exercise, and it can beautify the land as well as provide food.

Many people find gardening to be very relaxing or fun. It can be done as a solitary activity, or involve the entire family. Which way is the most fun and relaxing depends on the individual – some enjoy group activities, whilst others look forward to getting “away” by going off by themselves into their own part of the yard.

Early morning is a time many like to garden if they are looking for a peaceful setting, but others find those hours rather dreadful and prefer to do their gardening in the middle of the day or the evening. Mid-day gardening is great for those who like to be complimented on their garden, as people on strolls often can’t resist commenting on a garden when they see the gardener right there working on it.

Gardening can provide a lot of exercise, or it can be an almost completely sedentary activity. The difference is mainly in the methods used for weeding and plant care. Weeding can be done manually, with a lot of bending and pulling, and the same is true for general plant care like cultivating. On the other hand, weeds can be handled with anti-weed chemicals, and cultivating can be done with long-handled tools which take most of the work out of the task. Which methods a gardener will use depends on her personality; when done right, either method is equally effective.

The type of garden a person will have is also personality-dependent. Some think a garden should have a “purpose,” and therefore will plant vegetables with few or no flowers. Others think “being pretty” is purpose enough, and will gravitate towards planting flowers, though a few vegetables may be tolerated. There is also the middle ground: a garden with a fairly equal combination of flowers and vegetables. No matter what kind of garden is planted, the main objective is to have healthy plants, and the gardening itself is not much different between the types.

Of course, there are many more aspects of gardening, mainly due to difference in people’s tastes as well as the human tendency to overcomplicate things. But no matter what type or style of garden you prefer, gardening is a great way to get closer to nature and gain enjoyment as well.

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