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Gold Jewellery

 Gold jewelry was worn as long ago as 2500 BC in what is present-day Iraq. The Egyptians, too, loved their gold. The tomb of King Tut contains numerous pieces of solid gold pieces embedded with precious stones. Throughout the centuries, the rich and powerful have adorned themselves with gold jewelry as a symbol of power and wealth. These days, gold can be a part of a royal coronation or the body jewelry of a free-spirited university student. Gold is always in style.

Gold comes in varying degrees of purity. 24 karat indicates pure gold. 18 karat gold consists of 18 parts gold and 6 parts of one additional metal. The purity of gold diminished down to 10 karat, which consists of 10 parts gold and 14 parts of other metals.

Pure gold is the most valuable, but it is very soft and pliable and therefore not practicable for jewelry. That is the reason most gold jewelery is 18 karat or less.

Gold jewelry will accessorize almost any outfit, although common sense should be used when wearing jewelery during the day. For gold jewelry that will last for generations, the highest quality gold is recommended. Gold jewelery that is gold platted or gold filled will eventually lose its gold layer. This kind of gold jewelry should only be worn occasionally.

White gold is a mixture of gold and one white metal, usually nickel or palladium. The purity of white gold is given in karats, like any other gold jewelery.

In 1983, a gang of robbers pulled off the “robbery of the century” by bursting into a Brinks warehouse near Heathrow and making off with three tons of gold. Some of the gold has since been recovered. Some of the robbers are behind bars. But much of the heist was melted down and turned into jewelry in an effort to disguise its origin. Despite the efforts of the police, most of the gold will never be recovered. Some people, however, believe that anyone wearing gold jewelry bought after 1983 is wearing Brinks loot.

That would be quite an interesting legacy to leave the grandchildren.

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