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 Three easy ways to improve at golf

Before we can begin talking about the game of golf, we need to clarify the title of this article a little bit. When you see the word "easy" in relation to golf, you need to know that easy is a very relative term. As many golfers can tell you, there is nothing easy about the game, especially when you don't get to play but every so often. With that said, you aren't eternally slated to be a bad player. With a few simple fixes, you could get better on the links and have a lot more fun in the process. So what brings us to the big question. What are these magic steps to improvement?

Working on alignment
Before you can hit a good golf shot, you have to be aligned properly. Most people worry way too much about the mechanics of their swing and fixing the little things, when they should be worried about fixing the big things. It doesn't matter how nice your swing looks if you don't have your shoulders and your feet aligned properly to the target. One of the best ways to fix your alignment without having to totally revamp your approach is to head out to the driving range and lay down some golf clubs. You can put clubs down in line with your feet in order to see where you are aimed. This way, you can concentrate on setting up correctly in relation to the target.

Fixing your grip
What many golfers don't realize is that all too often, their problems are things that are simpler than they thought at first. Though your swing plane might be a big issue, you can usually come up with a fix if you take a look down at your hands. The grip is something that many people never master, because if they ever begin with a poor grip, they will repeat the problem over and over. If you are slicing the golf ball, practice with a slightly weaker grip instead. What this means is that your over hand (right hand if you're right handed) should slide around the bottom of the club. Likewise, if you are hooking the ball, putting your hand on top of the club can be a good fix.

Stop coming over the ball
The major swing issue that many weekend golfers struggle with is that they come over the ball, instead of hitting the ball straight on. What this means is that you're chopping down with your swing, instead of coming with a smooth swing from the inside. If you want to hit the golf ball solidly with more consistency, then you have to do away with this huge issue. It can take months to really fix your swing plane, but you can't get it done until you get started. Though it might seem impossible in the beginning and it may feel awkward, you have to fight through it and try to come up with a better looking swing plane.

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