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Grand National

There are lots of really great sporting events held in England every year, and not all of them happen at Wembley Stadium. In fact, one of them is the Grand National, a horse race that attracts some of the best horses in the world and some of the biggest sports bettors in the world. Though it is not a traditional horse race, this chase event is incredibly exciting and it has a long history as one of England's best days. It is a race that covers a little bit more than four miles, and it features challenges including more than thirty jumps. Only great horses and jockeys can win this race, and only good bettors can come away with a winning pick.

There are many controversies that go along with this race, because its challenging nature has caused many horses to be fatally injured. That doesn't stop the tradition, though, and it most certainly does not stop the betting action that comes in on this race. There are people out there who make a living by betting on horse races. Though these folks do make their bets on the Grand National, there are lots of folks who don't normally bet on horse races that come to the betting parlors just to lay a wager on this event. In many ways, it is like the Super Bowl for American bettors, as people who have not bet football all year will throw money down on that event.

The Grand National is run on the two courses at Aintree, and it has been around since 1836. There is some debate about the exact starting year, with many people arguing that it has actually been around since 1837. Regardless of the start time, its history as one of the prime betting opportunities of the year has been cemented. It is the second part of what British bettors will better know as the "Spring Double". These are two races that happen to be bet very hard by horse racing enthusiasts in England. The first leg of that double is the Lincoln Handicap, and it pails in comparison to the Grand National from a betting standpoint.

The odds on this handicap chase race are difficult to figure and most bettors have to bet the race a number of times before they get a feel for how it is going to go. Because of the challenging nature of the race and the fact that it depends upon non-human competitors, it can be nearly impossible to peg what is going to happen before the race takes places.