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 Advantages of Owning Greenhouses

In the past, greenhouses were considered a luxury available only to research universities and wealthy private gardeners. Today, greenhouses have become a necessity for serious gardeners who wish to improve the health and beauty of plants.

Greenhouses allow plants an alternative to the harsher environments of late autumn and winter. They offer gardeners an easy way to significantly extend the growing season of most plants. Greenhouse owners residing in northern climates appreciate the ability to begin gardening earlier in the spring and maintain the garden through late autumn-and sometimes even the winter months!

Greenhouses also allow you to grow a wider variety of plants, thanks to their ability to control a variety of plant environments. As you probably know, all plant species have differing needs that are often difficult to meet. Some plants require almost constant bright sunlight, while others grow better in the shade. There are many plants that wilt if not watered daily, but others only need a small amount, and in fact, will suffer if given too much water.

In addition to providing plants with a friendlier climate, greenhouses offer a variety of forms of protection. They protect plants from insects and other creatures such as rabbits and deer that enjoy feeding off of the fruits of your labor. If the neighborhood children, dogs and cats enjoy wreaking havoc on your garden, you'll be pleased to know that greenhouses are an effective way to keep all intruders out of the garden.

Finally, greenhouses provide the dedicated gardener with an escape in which he or she can relax, surrounded by beautiful plants. Many gardeners find that spending a few minutes in their greenhouses significantly reduces stress levels and brings about a sense of peace and well-being.

There are many designs and materials available today with which one can construct a greenhouse. Greenhouses are usually split into two main categories: free-standing and attached greenhouses. Free-standing are perfect for the serious gardener focusing on warm season vegetables. They provide the gardener with a maximum amount of growing space, but tend to be expensive to construct. Gardeners who can't afford free-standing greenhouses usually build attached greenhouses which rely on another building (usually the gardener's home) to provide heating and stability. Container gardens often grow well in attached greenhouses.

Regardless of the type of greenhouse you choose to build, you will be sure to enjoy the extra protection and the peaceful setting it provides!


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