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 Guitar Buying Guide

For the average person looking to begin playing the guitar, it can be very intimidating to walk into a music store and make a decision. It is not a very good idea to purchase a guitar online or through a major non-music retailer either. This guide will help you pick the right guitar for you.

The first decision you need to make involves the most important question: Acoustic or electric? There are pros and cons to each.



-Appropriate for beginners who wish to sing along or play folk music
-Does not require any extra equipment
-Higher quality available at a lower price point


-Difficult for beginners to form chords
-Inability to amplify the sound or use effects



-Easier to play at first
-More popular than acoustic guitars
-More expansion/upgrade options available


-Mostly inappropriate to play and sing along without amplification
-Requirement to buy an amplifier
-More expensive

In general, most guitarists eventually end up purchasing both an acoustic and an electric guitar after they have been playing for some time. However, the best way for you to decide which type of guitar is right for you is simply to decide which type you prefer. It really is simple as that. If you see yourself as more the type of person to sing a serenade with an acoustic accompaniment, an acoustic guitar is more for you. On the other hand, if you see yourself playing a ripping guitar solo in a stadium than an acoustic guitar is likely not for you and you should purchase an electric. Do not feel any sort of obligation to start on one instrument rather than the other, no matter what anybody tells you.

Buying your first guitar

Once you have decided whether to buy an acoustic or an electric guitar, you have to decide on your budget. If it is at all possible, you should strive to buy a guitar above the very lowest, bare-bones level of guitars. In fact, the best guitar deals are typically on lower-midrange guitars, which tend to have much improved woods, electronics, and acoustic properties compared to entry level guitars. Additionally, you will be able to re-sell a midrange guitar for close to your purchase price should you ever decide to give up on the hobby, whereas entry level guitars do not maintain their value whatsoever.

Once you have your budget, all it comes down to is getting your hands on a guitar that strikes your fancy. It is very important that you hold it in your hands and that you feel comfortable with it, which is why purchasing a guitar online can be a mistake.

Good luck with your new hobby.

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