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Health & Beauty

 Current Trends in Achieving and Maintaining Health and Beauty

A press release issued in Manchester on May 21, 2009 stated that "both men and women were unhappy with their weight." The reason for a statement such as this often begins in childhood. One of the most common problems in the UK today is childhood obesity. Though children need various and nutritious food for proper growth and development, too many of them are eating extremely unhealthy diets. Combine that with a lack of exercise due to hours spent in front of the telly or computer and very little time spent biking, walking or involved in sport, many of those overweight children are on their way to becoming overweight adults. Parents can help this situation by trying to enforce proper nutrition and restricting non-physical activities of their children. Get involved in exercise programs and activities with them. This attention to exercise and weight maintenance from an early age can avoid many mental and physical health problems in both children and adults.

Some of the physical ailments caused by overweight are high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and certain cancers. This does not include the self-esteem and social issues that can often depress and cause serious mental problems in overweight children and adults. These are just a few of the issues that create massive spending in our culture on organic health remedies, detoxification of our bodies, and an attempt to eliminate all toxic and synthetic chemicals which can affect both our health and appearance. Vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants and cosmetics are multi billion dollar industries receiving a large chunk of British pounds.

A majority of the UK population, both male and female, is of the opinion that cosmetic surgery as well as most forms of non-surgical cosmetic treatments are not only totally socially acceptable, but necessary to achieve or maintain a youthful appearance. The better one's appearance, usually the higher the individual's self-esteem, confidence levels and improvement in such critical areas as employment and social life. Though all forms of cosmetic surgery are on the rise, body sculpture and weight management surgeries appear to be achieving the biggest growth. Other areas where surgical intervention is sought out are face lifts, eyebag removal, nose or ear reshaping and dental procedures.

Eat healthily, don't smoke, use approved nutritional supplements, and above all, get as much physical exercise as possible and you will improve not only your health, but your appearance as well.

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