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Hen Weekends

 Hen weekends have gone from a night out at the local pub to planned, organised events. Despite the current credit crunch and economic downturn, hen weekends are still going strong, though they're likely to be closer to home. Even if you're not going abroad, there are still countless activities to make for an unforgettable hen weekend.

Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole dancing lessons have gained a higher profile thanks to celebrities like Kate Moss and the Spice Girls taking part, but they're not out of reach for even those staying close to home. And surprisingly, it's hard work. Try not to get bruised too much.


Yes, a surfing weekend is possible even if you're not going abroad. Both Cornwall and Devon have superb waves. On-site surf schools will organise lessons for the group, but don't be surprised if you never manage to stand up on the surfboard.


Most people have never felt the passionate need to climb inside a giant plastic ball and get pushed down a hill. That doesn't mean it can't still be a fun hen weekend activity! Created – where else? – in New Zealand, this wacky idea is fun as you're rolling down the hill…and also as you're watching everyone else do it. And laughing. A lot. Of course, if it's a windy day, Zorbing is likely to get cancelled, so a back-up plan is necessary.

Mixology Lessons

Compete to see who can create the best – and best-named – cocktail. You'll get to taste and test the strength of all concoctions, which should ensure a good time for all.

Dance Classes

Popular classes include Bollywood dancing, burlesque, and belly dancing, all great ways to add a bit of an edge to your hen weekend. There's nothing more fun that getting dressed up in ridiculous costumes – feathers! corsets! Silly Can-Can skirts! – and proving how uncoordinated you are. You might try attending these lessons right after the mixology ones, just for extra hilarity.

Pamper Yourself

For those who miss the old days of a relaxed evening at the pub, you can always opt for the reliable pampered hen weekend. Indulge yourself...and avoid those nasty bruises and strained muscles. Spas offer everything a girl could want to come home rejuvenated and looking her very best – from facials to massages to aromatherapy to anything else you can imagine.

Hen weekends are more elaborate than ever, but it's your time to celebrate; you might as well do it with creativity and style.

Hen Weekends - probably the largest choice of Hen Weekends in the UK!

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