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Britain is a beautiful country particularly when the weather is kind, offering just about every facility necessary for a happy and relaxing holiday, such as quiet and peaceful beaches, castles and other historical monuments, churches and cathedrals, and most important of all some of the most wonderful natural scenery in the world. To add to all these natural attractions mankind has created a whole host more such as theme parks, nature reserves and holiday resorts which vary from the loud and bawdy right up to the chic and genteel. In short, Britain is a holidaymaker's paradise and one of the best ways of seeing all these attractions is from a holiday cottage.

Staying in a holiday cottage gives you many of the advantages of staying in a hotel but the costs are usually far lower and you have pretty well complete privacy, although to be fair you do need to make your own beds, and (unless you prefer to sample the local cuisine in a nearby pub or restaurant) you have to do your own cooking and wash the pots up afterwards! These are not usually such onorus tasks however and they can often be shared out amongst all the occupants in order to spread the load fairly.

There is a very wide choice of holiday cottage in the UK, whether you rent from a single owner or through a holiday company, but before you book your chosen cottage it is as well to consider one or two points that may help you ensure that your holiday is a success.

Firstly, make sure that it is the right size. There is no point renting a six bedroomed cottage if there is just the two of you, but with a larger party you need to be careful because although you may be told how many people be cottage sleeps, that does not necessarily mean that that is how many bedrooms there are! Sometimes, particularly in the lower priced accommodation, guests are offered bunkbeds or convertible sofas to sleep on and whilst this may be perfectly acceptable for a group of young students it would not necessarily be so for the more elderly. If people are going to be expected to share a bedroom it is best to be as sure as you can be that they are going to get on well together; deciding whom shall sleep in the same room as whom else is a very skilful art!

Is it the right sort of accommodation for you? If you are renting a property for a short period for a group of you to get together for a celebration or a family get together you may be able to put up with a more remote location and less facilities than you would if you were a group of strangers having a holiday together for the first time, when more privacy would be not only desirable but expected. If you are a light sleeper there would be no point in having accommodation close to a busy major road or too close to the village pub; but if you or any of the other guests are infirm a remote location may not be advisable. Take a good look at just what you want from the accommodation and think carefully about the facilities and the location before making a choice.

Will you be taking children with you? Kids are naturally inquisitive and whilst this is usually a commendable trait it can sometimes lead them into dangerous situations. Is there a swimming pool on the premises? If so, are your children strong swimmers? Is it fenced? Are there cliffs or other dangerous areas nearby? If there is a staircase and you have toddlers, is there any gate at the top of the stairs or if not, can you bring one with you? The best way to prevent accidents is to foresee the possibly hazardous situations beforehand and take steps to avoid them; an accident on holiday could spoil your day completely!

If you look online you will find a huge supply of holiday cottages throughout all parts of the British Isles and abroad, with a very wide range of prices, locations and facilities which should be sufficient to suit just about any requirements. Have a good holiday!

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